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I get distracted a lot. Naturally this is the case for most anyone in fulltime care of an almost 3 year old. But also, even when I do manage to balance my attention towards a non-mom project, I very often get distracted from that non-mom project with another non-mom project, or new idea. If someone would just pay me to sit around and write about my plans and ideas I would be all set, I have no shortage of ideas. But following through when your mind is jumping from one idea to another WHILE answering to the term “mama” every two seconds (maybe 3) is a big hurdle to productivity.


So, since “blogging” is one of my projects, I figure I may as well use a blog post as an opportunity to organize some of my other projects and current personal goals. After all, the point of this blog was to document our real life while organizing my world. And somehow allowing my personal goals to live in the public sphere may just lead to more accountability on my part.


I’ll start with a list of goals for this year, in no specific order:

-Get in shape before 40 (I have 2 months)

-Learn to do the worm before 40 (breakdance move from the 80s I’ve always admired)

-build a giant music box that people can walk in, and adjust the songs from the inside

-build a hand-pump rail cart before Trekker’s birthday (one month and 1 week away)

-create charts for gardeners as in-app purchases for my garden app

-learn to play piano better

-learn to dance tango better

-master salsa (the dance)

-convert my neighbor’s garden to a productive permaculture mini-farm

-cure the psoriasis on my elbows

-fix my dead tooth

-master the Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer book (under the tutelage of Jim White- reignite the skype lessons if available)

-create documentation posts of my previous projects, and friend’s projects I’ve followed

-convert shipping container to camper like this but on a flatbed

-be a better mom


OK, now to prioritize and break down each goal into achievable micro-actions:

1) be a better mom
While I will dedicate a separate post to this topic soon, one thing I know- I am always a better mom on the days I feel healthy and get adequate sleep. So in this case we can group “get in shape before 40” in this #1 spot too because exercise always makes me feel better and sleep better. So, the micro-action = daily exercise, whether I find a babysitter so I can go to a yoga class, or I take Trekker on a jog with the jogging stroller, daily exercise is now a requirement (except maybe one day a week.)

2) build a hand-pump rail cart – Trekker’s birthday is only a month and a week away AND we have to leave Auroville on a visa run for a week+ so I need to get cracking on this one stat. most of the action will consist of finding and assembling parts. I have the wheels already. micro-action = collect/find/build one of these parts every 2 days: platform, right-angle wheel attachment pieces, connecting rod, handle, gears, axle. This sort of thing can be done with Trekker, in the afternoons.

3) App monetization: in-app purchases- this also needs to be done stat as garden season season is rapidly approaching in the northern hemisphere and I am paying monthly for the app platform I built it on. Micro-action: each morning while Trekker is in school, complete one more step towards monetization

4) learn to dance the worm- after Trekkers birthday, once I am well on my way to being in shape, I will have a little over a month to learn to dance the worm before 40. I can incorporate this into my daily exercise routine, perhaps starting out on the neighbor’s trampoline with Trekker jumping along beside

5) convert my neighbor’s garden to a productive permaculture mini-farm- this is a longer term project but a few beds and banana circles can be created in the next month or so. micro-actions: alternate daily digs and bed prep days with the hand-cart collection days, ie- every 2 days work in the garden in afternoon while Trekker digs in the mud (or early mornings)

6) psoriasis- This stuff appeared on my elbows when I was 22, it is annoying but not debilitating, however it is a high priority. There is no “cure” in western medicine but I have seen it completely disappear twice during long camping sojourns so there must be a way to rid it with a lifestyle change. Lets just set the micro-action for now to: see an aryuvedic doctor

7) fix my dead tooth- this may relate to #6 above. when I was 18 I practiced Taikwando for like 2 months until I got my front tooth knocked out by someone’s head. It was hanging by one root. Fortunately, my Sensei’s brother happened to be an orthodontist so we rushed over to his office where he put it back in. He gave me a root canal. The tooth has been dead ever since. It turned brown a couple of years later so I would go and get it dyed white from the inside every couple of years. I did a few rounds of this until I turned 31 and decided to go live as a street astrologer in Costa Rica- at that point it seemed to me that a front brown tooth would lend more authenticity to my brand. But further into my 30s, once the grey hairs started to come in, and a few wrinkles, I decided that the brown tooth was overkill so I attempted to have it dyed again. Unfortunately the dye didn’t stick. Apparently that process stops working after awhile. But also, it is not good for one’s body to keep holding onto something dead, and root canals can be a major source of toxins. now studies are showing that root canals can actually lead to psoriasis (see point 6).  So, my first micro-action on this point: Get opinion from Ayruvedic Dentist on what to do about dead tooth issue.

8) create a giant music box that people can walk in. –this can be done when I begin the next project- converting shipping container, as both projects will require the same diamond blade steel cutter that can be rented in the town in South Carolina where my shipping container rests. We will go there when the season ends here, further advancing our perpetual spring. Should I happen to complete these two steel-based projects in a timely manner, I may also throw in a new project: make a steel pan drum. Trekker and I saw one being made on Mr Rogers last night, and it seems like an achievable pursuit, as well as a fabulous instrument for us both

9) tango/salsa, these are ongoing projects. There is a Tango class on Mondays in Auroville and a salsa class on Wednesdays, so depending on Trekker’s mood and my energy level after my now required daily exercise I’ll just mark these spots tentatively into the schedule.

10) Piano/drumming-also a long-term pursuit. both of these could be achieved via brief daily micro-practices, like 15 minutes a day, perhaps alternating days. I may also be able to entice Trekker into this “music practice” routine with me, thereby providing more structure to our day and feeding into #1 be a better mother.

11) Create documentation posts for my previous projects, and friend’s projects I’ve followed – this one falls into the “someday when everything else is checked off” category


Welcome to my world. Feel free to help hold me accountable




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  1. AvatarNettie Howell

    my vote would give priority to the dead tooth and to the container house. After you figure out how to create a very cozy looking container house like in the picture, let me know.

    1. AvatarSMOTL

      I need to make an update for this post! Thanks for the vote and sorry to only see that there were any comments now! Dead tooth. I really need to get on that, you are right Nettie


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