urban gardens

While also managing the www.worldfoodgarden.org site, I spent a few years traveling around building experimental (mostly edible) rooftop and vertical gardens in exotic locale, largely in exchange for room and board. Here are some of the gardens and the orgs I built them for:


Jaaga Creative Commons in Bangalore, India- led a design team to design, and then stayed around to build, this vertical, hydroponic, reversible garden on swiveling panels, and adjoining rooftop food garden/lawn in downtown Bangalore, India. Was quite an engineering feat for lil’ ole me 😉  Artwork on reverse side by old friend Walker Babington.


CouchSurfing Collective, San francisco, CA – designed / built this low cost “Wall of Salad”  made from 6 ply garbage bag plastic and  zip ties on a 10’ft by 20’+ chain link fence for a 27 person collective in the Mission District in San Francisco.


Wichi School Garden- with the help of various other traveling volunteers, and the students themselves, I designed and built a variety of experimental structures to grow food crops on the rooftop of Wichi Art School (now Vagdevi Art School) in Varanasi, India. I then stayed around a couple years to help the kids plant, maintain and harvest their crops for school lunches.


Anamaya Yoga Resort, Costa Rica- designed and installed a vertical, aquaponic herb garden attached to the wall of an infinity pool in Montezuma, Costa Rica. The garden was fed by the nitrates and nitrites in water pumped up from a tilapia fish tank, which then fountained down through each wall planter to return the plant-filtered clean water back to the fish.


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