Sheep Farm and Salad Salad bar, Mae Nam, Ko Samui

This place excites me so much I might just change careers! Wait, I don’t really have a career, maybe I should chose this one?  Frolic amongst sheep on a hydroponic farm and coffee shop with playground! IMG_8051

A very strange concept that totally works. I had once started down the path to be a shepherd with a short-lived Alpaca venture many years ago, and I’ve spent many years setting up food gardens, some hydroponically, so when my usual desire to find the perfect cozy wifi-cafe-with-playground gets thrown into a mix with the other two, the whole shebang really hits home. All they’d need now is a drum-set, a large art studio and an ocean view… and maybe a bi-weekly daytime dance party and I’d be 100% set for life…

Really I had no idea what we were coming to when we set out on a Sunday to find “Sheep Farm”, and so did not bring my computer as I had no idea that this may be the ultimate workspace-playground. It had been suggested we come here and I figured it was just some dirty petting zoo that might entertain Trekker for an hour.  I sit now typing this into my phone, sipping some sort of sweet green tea latte in this lovely cafe with a trellis for a roof (also a style I totally jive with – this one even has gourd shaped baskets hanging down much like the original plan for Fort Trekker Baby)

IMG_8063 IMG_8063

while Trekker frolics about below and plays in the safely contained and shaded playground while live sheep munch grass from a perfectly clean, dookey-free lawn around him. Its lovely 🙂


Somebody must be following these sheep like dog-owners in NYC parks because there doesn’t appear to be a single dookey on that lawn. In fact the whole scene appears much like telly-tubby-land than a typical petting zoo. IMG_8231

Banana trees, and a couple dozen open-sided hydroponic greenhouses with cherry tomatoes and mostly lettuce are also visible from this spot and kids build with blocks and Legos on the astroturf carpet to my right.

IMG_8044IMG_8103I Also noticed at least 8 little portable personal air cooling units about the cafe, possibly not a very sustainable solution being that it’s an open-air cafe and all but who am I to judge? (especially as it cools my neck) Actually I’m not sure how much more power than a fan they use, if any.
Some not terribly offensive Thai pop was playing in the background, but still low enough to still hear the occasional “bhaaaaah” for ambiance.
I recorded the wifi speed at on my Speedtest app at

Download Rate:
12.16 Mbps
Upload Rate:
11.25 Mbps

which is better than most cafes around here and the 3G reception on my phone is also great. I am always looking for the perfect coffeeshop/kids play combo and this one really nails it because the ambiance is great and there is endless entertainment for the child.




And of course the best part about this place is that the cafe is on a hill above the play/sheep area which is totally protected with no shady exits so mom-at-work doesn’t need to look up every 2 seconds to check child’s safety (since there is no where child could go and no shady entrances for potential danger-strangers to appear from.) This allows mom-at-work to continue her train of thought for longer periods of time (rarity) therefore leading to higher productivity.  And when mom-at-work DOES decide to give her eyes a rest from the screen she must simply gaze out at the pastoral scene below of her child frolicking happily with sheep. What more could a mom-at-work ask for?!IMG_8210