Central Festival Mall in Chaweng

If you want to do a little shopping and are able to negotiate with your child to take turns shopping/playing/shopping/playing at a big MALL (I shop about 1 time every 3 years at most and usually avoid malls at all costs but this time went because I heard there was a play area. It ended up a success as I was able to find 70% of my next wardrobe at one store, and am elated about this. (I had been hanging on to some fairly shredded clothes for a while and my new wardrobe consists of 7 onsie outfits. Ah simplicity…)
Since I did all my shopping in one stop we mostly spent the day playing and even saw a movie on the big screen (a huge screen in a fancy theatre in fact and likely the largest of my son’s 3+ years on this earth which was very exciting for us both.) The movie, by the way, was “Finding Dori” and the underlying grown-folk theme happened to be a current favorite theme of mine – the power of the heart over the head. Fortunately many kids movies highlight this important theme, I’ve started to notice. Some of my personal favs: The Last Unicorn, Secret of Nimh, The Lego Movie.) This one was about a fish with short-term memory who always found her way by living in the now (the most honorable goal), and all of her friends and family who came around to valuing her special powers..
Anyway! Other than the movie (which by the way they told us was only playing in Thai at the hour we wanted to see it but we went anyway because I knew my son would not mind as his 1st exposure to cartoons happened to be the movie “Finding Nemo” (prequel to Finding Dori”), watched with no sound on a flight back to India when he was about 2 and didn’t know about headphones yet. Anyway turned out the movie WAS in English but had Thai subtitles. Just mentioning this in case you encounter this same “Only in Thai” situation at the ticket counter.

Kids Area

Upstairs in the mall there are big (paid 100-150 bath) “rides” (see image or videos) and some Marioland Pirate thing we did not go into a but I’m guessing would be pretty cool for 6-9 yr olds. Here’s my son and another girl on Thomas.

IMG_8018Downstairs there’s an outdoor playground,


a carousel,  IMG_8032

a few rider train things that Trekker liked to climb on and pretend to ride without my having to put a dime in the slot (why ruin a good thing?) and a real moving “kid’s train” that goes around the whole bottom floor of the mall every hour on the hour.


My son rode on the train in a train-car with 2 other kids near his age and I secretly speed-walked behind the train and realized how much I have missed speed-walking since having a baby, and considered staying another hour to do it again. But didn’t.


And personally, while I’m not so into malls and don’t plan to return anytime soon since my tri-yearly shopping quota has now been filled, I probably hadn’t so thoroughly enjoyed a mall trip since I was a 12 yr old smoking cigarettes outside the Mall Arcade in my hometown.