Big C Super Center play area

Big C is a chain department store. The one we went to is in Bhoput. It seems to be the USA equivalent to a large K-Mart and we went there because I needed to repair my iphone 6 screen (which they did successfully btw. I took it to the place below the escalator though I think they outsourced it to the other place upstairs.)

Big C has a sizable children’s play area.


It includes an arcade with 30-40 ridable trains, cars, and stand-alone arcade games. Trekker was just young enough to be completely satisfied “riding” on all the brightly colored vehicles without my putting in a single dime (thai bath) to make them move.


There’s also a small ice-hockey table, probably suitable for 6 -10 year olds in size.


And there is a “soft room” in the back for little ones that costs 50 bhat:


Parents must stay outside the soft room but you can get full view if you stand in the arcade or maybe take a seat at one of the racing games. An attendant stands guard to keeps things safe.


The soft room boasts a fun climb up to a wraparound high walkway complete with a tunnel, bridge and some cushioned hanging obstacles so kids can get a different perspective on things and it leads to pretty sweet slide with a large cushion to land on. On the ground level there’s some soft ducks and cars to ride on and punching-bag looking hanging things. And a ball pit. My child went wild in the ball pit with the attendants daughter , climbing up the walls and falling backwards into the balls. My child started it.IMG_7926

About the ambiance: this might be worth mentioning to some as you may want to prepare yourself. Sound: Close your eyes and imagine yourself inside an arcade within a carnival at the Burningman festival with barely decipherable children’s music coming at you from every angle. Also, visually there are fluorescent overheads and flashing lights galore so its not the most inviting place to get some work done but if you need a distraction or rather treat for u know who this place may do the trick.

Note: the wifi signal was weak in that area of building but great phone reception so rely on your data plan if you need to use the web,

My son had so much fun it was almost impossible to get him to leave but attendant blessed us with this magic balloon caterpillar as a parting gift so that certainly helped.


It was a fun-filled evening at the Big C Department Store.